Turmeric Acid

Turmeric Acid

Turmeric Acid is a lo-fi tape show dedicated to a cassette culture. It’s hosted by Michał from Czaszka Records, a label based in Edinburgh, UK. A monthly show presents music from artists and labels from all over the world, giving an insight into a vibrant cassette scene. Expect everything from mutant techno, avantgarde madness, ambient gems & outernational musik. Everything mixed with sounds from found tapes and field recordings. Cassette vandalism / every month on Tuesday / between 21 and 22h.

Show: every Tuesday between 21 and 22h.

Archive: Mixcloud

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Arcsived shows for Turmeric Acid

Aired on 2021-03-16

Brain Popper

Tape transmission from Edinburgh. Turmeric Acid plays some new and new-ish cassettes he enjoys. Music by Wilted Woman, Daphne X, Jay Glass Dubs, Lech Nienartowicz and many more.

Aired on 2021-02-16

Ollie Turbitt/Turmeric Acid red rug session

Tonight Turmeric Acid returns in a different form than usual. Here's an ambient jam session which is a result of a meeting with Ollie Turbitt of Dead Hound Records. It's a raw unedited take created by Ollie and T. Acid with the use of tapes, turntables, computer, radio, voice recorder and beer bottles.

Aired on 2021-01-19

no control

The new episode of Turmeric Acid with (mostly) older music by Cabaret Voltaire, Nocturnal Emissions, :zoviet*france:, Muslimgauze and a few more. Tune in for your monthly dose of lo-fi cassette sounds.

Aired on 2020-12-22

czaszka (rec.) MMXX

Turmeric Acid plays czaszka (rec.). A showcase of all tapes released on his label in 2020. Shout-out to all of the artists who contributed: Spoons & Bones, Új Bála, Superskin, pantea, Abby Lee Tee, Tereshkova, Free Magic Show. The mix contains a surprise - two tracks from cassettes coming in 2021!

Aired on 2020-11-24

Depressaria parahofmanni

Esoteric tape mix by Turmeric Acid with sounds from Aaron Dilloway, Yellow Swans, Territorial Gobbing and others.

Aired on 2020-10-27

qualchan. a mix for inspiration vol IV

A guest mix from a friend of Czaszka (Rec.) qualchan. A special selection from the artist's tape collection. The guest mix starts in 12 minute preceded by side B of qualchan.'s cassette "Talol".

Aired on 2020-10-06

Mind Wipe Chamber

New Turmeric Acid episode will bring you a monthly dose of cassette hiss with music by Anla Courtis, Cranky Bow, Crash Toto, Neil Campbell, Banished Pills and more.