A HIP HOP FORRADALOM! Egy inspiráció. Harag és bánat. A HIP HOP szabadság es remény. Egy szerelem! Szorakozás és Tánc. A HIP HOP SEX! Több mint zene. Ez az egész mindenség. Nincs még egy olyan műfaj, ami jobban megváltoztatta volna a világot az elmúlt fél évszázadban, mint a HIP HOP. Ez az amiről a BOOMBAP szólni fog – Hogy hogyan változtatta meg a műfaj a világot.

Különböző számokat fogunk játszani szerte Amerikaból és a világ többi részéről is egyaránt. Lesz underground is és lesz mainstream is. Olyan helyekre fogunk kalauzolni amit szertesz, majd olyanokra is ahol eddig még nem jártal, úgyhogy készüljetek fel, mert kemény lesz! BOOMBAP!!!!

HIP HOP IS A REVOLUTION. It’s inspiration. It’s anger. It’s sadness. It’s freedom. It’s hope. It’s love. It’s fun. It’s dance. It’s sex.

Hip hop is more than music, it’s everything. And no other type of music has changed the world in the past half century more than hip hop. And that’s what BOOMBAP is about – hip hop and how it changed the world.

We’re gonna play tracks from all over America to the rest of the world. We’ll go underground AND we’ll go mainstream.

We’ll go places you know and love and we’ll go places you’ve never been. So get ready cuz this shit’s about to get heavy! BOOMBAP!!!

Broadcast: every Wednesday 20:00-21:00

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Aired on 2021-11-24

Ep 55: Boldog Pulyka Napot

Growing up, I was taught that Thanksgiving was a feast of friendship and alliance between the Pilgrims and Native Americans (probably untrue). In reality, it's the day where Americans stuff their faces with enormous amounts of turkey and mashed potatoes (completely true). I love Thanksgiving 🦃

Aired on 2021-11-17

Ep 54: La Segunda Parte

Grab your cortado, manchega, and jamon iberico. We're doing Part 2 of hip hop from Spain.

Aired on 2021-11-10

Bella Ciao

La Casa de Papel. Elite. Narcos. Recently, Spain has been taking pop culture by storm - mostly through its Netflix shows - and music is right behind! Spanish hip hop is on the rise and it's only a matter of time before it joins the ranks of the Elite.

Aired on 2021-11-03

Ep52: The Godfather

Aired on 2021-10-27

il Gucci Gang

il hip hop. DJ Da Vinci. The home of the *real* Gucci Gang. We're talking about Italia. This year's Eurocup winner. And a place where hip hop hip is winning as well.

Aired on 2021-10-20

Ep 50: Baguette Magique

Baguette Magique means "magic wand" in French. Like Harry Potter. But it also means "Magic Stick. And when it comes to French hip hop, we got the magic stick. I know if we can hit once, then we can hit twice. So here's Part Deux of our series on French Hip Hop.

Aired on 2021-10-13

Ep 49: Ooo La La

Fun Fact. France is the 2nd largest consumer of hip hop in the world. Right behind the US. So they gave us the Statue of Liberty, baguettes, and macaroons; and we gave them hip hop. Ur welcome France.

Aired on 2021-10-06

Das Hip Hop

We beat them during WWII (no hard feelings!) but when it comes to rap Germany is definitely #winning. Join us this week for sick hip hop from Deutschland!

Aired on 2021-09-29

Vibe Wit Us

This week we're just chillin. You. Us. And the Music. Let's vibe.

Aired on 2021-09-22

Ep46: The Hungarian Dream

My parents went to America to chase "The American Dream". And I came to Hungary to chase "The Hungarian Dream". When I came to Hungary and met Mate for the first time 2 years ago, we had some dreams. One of our dreams was to have our own radio show. Check. Another dream was to DJ at our favorite bar, Telep. This week, we will DJ at Telep. Checkmate. We're not flexing. We just want to say that if you have a dream, keep dreaming and keep chasing. Dreams come true. We are living proof.

Aired on 2021-09-15

Ep 45: Hungary af

Just like Palinka, Hip Hop in Hungary is STRONG (and also better when homemade)! So let's get drunk off one more week!

Aired on 2021-09-08

The Real Slimface

This week Hungarian rapper Slimface will be joining us LIVE in studio to talk about hip hop in Hungary, what inspired him to rap, and what life is like as a Hungarian artist. PLUS he'll be dropping some of his own beats - so don't miss this week!

Aired on 2021-09-01

Mit kivan a Magyar nemzet?

First stop: BUDA FCKN PEST! We kicking off our international tour in Hungary where hip hop is HUGE!! A new wave of Hungarian rappers are taking over and we're here to break it down for ya!

Aired on 2021-08-25

The Answer to Life

If you get the reference hollah at your boy! But this week we're getting ready to shift gears. We're headed to the International Terminal cuz we're leaving the country. Starting next week, we're gonna be exploring hip hop in countries outside of America. And our first stop: Hungary 🇭🇺

Aired on 2021-08-18


Aired on 2021-08-11

Texas Two Step

I guess Texas is so big we couldn't fit it all into one week! So this is us doing a little Texas Two Step. YEEHAW!

Aired on 2021-08-04

Lone Star

Texas is a special snowflake. It tried to separate from America a bunch of times to become its own country (but failed). It has its own fashion (Cowboy boots, hats). It has its own accent ("Howdy y'all!"). It has its own food (Tex-Mex). And it has its own style. Texas is big - the land, the people, the trucks, and the attitude. And that's why Texas hip hop is undeniable.

Aired on 2021-07-21

Ep 37 Return of the MAC

Aired on 2021-07-14

Ep36 V to the Izz-A, Part 2

Aired on 2021-07-09

V to the Izza

Virginia is a hip hop center - but not like you might think. In the VA, it's not about the rappers, but more about the producers - and some of the biggest names have originated from here! I'm talking Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and PHARRELL!!

Aired on 2021-07-02

Ep34: Cheesesteak!

Thinly sliced beef, grilled onions, AND LIQUID CHEESE!!! YELLOW, LIQUID CHEESE!! Is it kinda ratchet? Yes. Is it completely unnatural? For sure. But is it mouth watering delicious?!?! YESSIRRRRR!!! That's the secret behind a good Philly Cheesesteak, and legend has it that's also the secret behind Philly's dope underground hip hop!

Aired on 2021-06-25

Ep 33: The Fresh Prince

This week's episode of Boombap is gonna be *just like* Budapest this week. . .HOT AFFFFFFF!!!!! So between showers and more showers, let's take a trip to Philly - one of the MOST UNDERRATED cities in America - and you'll see why Philly's been an important player in the game since the very beginning!

Aired on 2021-06-18

2000s child

This week was a heartbreaking week in Hungary. Human rights were violated, and people were broken. But this is why we have music. This is why we have hip hop. Last week I introduced some of my most influential hip hop tracks from the 90s. Today we're in the 2000s. Stay strong. Keep fighting. Love y'all!

Aired on 2021-06-11

90s Kid

Mate's gonna be out doing Eurocup things for the next couple weeks, so it's just you and me for the next few weeks muahahahaa!! So let's get personal. Imma tell you guys about how I fell in love with hip hop and share the songs that influenced me the most. It all started in the 90s. . .

Aired on 2021-06-04

Ep30: The Big Easy

Louisiana is truly WILD! It's the home of Cajuns (fucking delicious food!) and Creoles. It's the home of one of the biggest parties on earth AKA Mardis Gras where girls get beads if they show their tits. And it's the home of jazz music. So if you take a place that has a strong music tradition AND crazy parties, you had better believe the hip hop is BANGING!

Aired on 2021-05-28

Ep29: Portlandia

Portland is another *weird* american place. Kinda like Florida, but totally different (yeah, that made no sense). I mean, just look at the picture on the side of this description. It's a "park" in Portland. THAT ONE PLANT IS AN OFFICIAL PARK IN PORTLAND!!! So yeah, not normal. BUTTTTT, they also make good hip hop!

Aired on 2021-05-21


What time is it?! GAME TIME!! What time is it?! GAME TIME!! Ayyyy Lahmacun fam, we're in the thick of the NBA playoffs and things are really starting to heat up! So in honor of this, we're bringing you a SPECIAL EDITION of Boombap where we play hip hop tracks made by NBA players. WARNING: They may be good at ballin, but not all of them are good at flowin 😂

Aired on 2021-05-14

ep27: The New Mecca

tbh a few weeks in Atlanta really isn't enough. We should just buy a house there and set up shop. But with all the new rappers coming out of the ATL - their innovative styles and social messages - you might even say that it's the new Mecca of hip hop.

Aired on 2021-05-07


I don't know what's actually in Crunk Juice. Maybe it's apple juice. Maybe it's paprikas. Maybe it's palinka. Nem Tudom. But whatever it is - it's got the clubs jumpin like CRAZY!!!

Aired on 2021-03-26

Florida Man

If you know anything about the Florida Man memes, you know that Florida is a CRAZY place!! Known for its beaches, nightlife, and parties, Florida is the perfect birthplace for unexpected and unbridled music.

Aired on 2021-03-19

Plymouth Rock!

We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth rock landed on us!! So just like the Pilgrims, we landing in Massachusetts this week - home of the Irish, the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Boston Accent. Hip hop's been blowin up all over Massachusetts lately so lets see how you like 'dem apples!

Aired on 2021-03-12

Detroit episode (extra round)

Aired on 2021-03-05

St. Louis, Missouri

Aired on 2021-02-26

Zoom zoom

When you drive Highway 275 out of Detroit, you pass a bunch of exits. First you'll see the exit for 5 Mile Road. Then 6 Mile Road. Then 7 Mile Road. And then 8 Mile Road. That road is where one of the GREATEST RAPPERS OF ALL TIME grew up - none other than Marshall Mathers himself. This week we'll be looking at some of the heavy hitters and game changers who hail from the Motor City including Em, Big Sean, D12, and more!

Aired on 2021-02-12

Hornets & Panthers

When you think of the Carolinas, you wouldn't expect that such a humble place gave birth to Pepsi, Krispy Kreme, and Michael Jordan as we know him. Similarly, when you think of hip hop, it's not one of the first places you'd think about. But it's a gold mine of rappers who are heavy hitters in the game today - from the old school to the new school and everything in between.

Aired on 2021-02-05

ChiTown Combo

Chicago is a special place. It's not just the deep dish pizza, it's the soul, the blues, and the hip hop. So for our last week in the Windy City, we're going top to bottom. We're gonna blow in rappers who've dominated the billboards as well as those who've stayed true to the streets.

Aired on 2021-01-15

I love Kanye

We're flying to ChiTown this week (with a negative COVID test and facemask ofc 😷) . And who better to represent Chicago than the one and only Kanye West? Is he crazy? Perhaps. Should he be president? Maybe (not). But no matter what, Kanye is a genius and we're not ashamed to say that "WE LOVE KANYE"!!

Aired on 2020-12-25

Happy Hollah Days

Guess what?! Santa came last night and filled your stocking with a brand new episode of BoomBAP filled with Christmas hip hop tracks by some of the best *wrappers* alive! So sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy our holiday tunes! MERRY CHRISTMAS y'all!!!

Aired on 2020-11-13


This episode is more of an introduction followed by nonstop music

Aired on 2020-11-13

[ATL Hip Hop]

This episode is more interactive and has speaking and music mixed together