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An audio collage, replete with interviews and sonic ephemera from Lucia’s intrepid travels around central and eastern Europe. Initially an audio travelogue, Easterndaze has talked to bedroom producers, DIY label owners and organisers from Bucharest to Skopje, Poznan to Kosice. The project connects and uncovers projects/labels/musicians/initiatives emerging from the region, exploring their specific sociopolitical, economic and historical contexts.

Cashmere Radio is a not-for-profit community experimental radio station based in Lichtenberg, Berlin. The ambition of the station is to preserve and further radio and broadcasting practices by playing with the plasticity and malleability of the medium. We do this by both honouring and challenging its inherent qualities: it is both a physical station open to the public and an online radio; it has regular shows, yet opens itself up to extended and one-off events; it features extended generative music performances and installations at the same time as working within radio’s typical durations. In short, it is an attempt to enhance and celebrate the performative, social and informative power of radio that we believe lies within the form itself.

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Aired on 2021-09-15

#38 Konakov – Most Darling Music Which Makes Me Want To Write Music

From an early age, musician, composer, DJ and audio enthusiast from Poltava, Ukraine, Bodya Konakov, professed his love for different music and experiment with sound, texture, acoustic, analog and digital audio synthesis inspired by the likes of Aphex Twin, Eduard Artemiev, John Cage and cosmic friends. His style ranges from abstract soundscapes, ambient electronics to experimental pop, rave and freedance. After the Maidan Revolution in 2014, Bodya remained in Kyiv as music activist. He was a member of Схема team, then he started to organize parties and a radio show called ШЩЦ that has grown into a record label with braindance, IDM and freedance music of his friends. In 2016-2017 he released a few white label EPs called Yellow Vinyls with “cheesy house music”. One of his tracks was released in the DJ-Kicks compilation by Jackmaster on !K7 label. In 2021 he released his album called ‘Kyiv Summer Tracks 2014-2021’ on ШЩЦ label. Back to Eastern Daze

Aired on 2021-06-30

# 37 Umbra – Yeah

A special, sultry soundscapey and droney voyage by Belgrade-based musician Marija Balubdžić who performs mainly under the alias Umbra. Through sound intervention and poetic experiment atop a multi-channel looper, she confronts voice and synthesizers, drifting between noise and melodic idioms. As a member of Efemerne Konfesije, a drag collective in Belgrade, she is developing the character of the virtuoso pianist Fritz Klein. As the author of the monthly radio show Zvuk Ispod on Radio Belgrade 3, Balubdžić presents fellow experimental electronic music artists that she has encountered through her tours. For the Zvuk Ispod show, she draws inspiration from the fancy of yet another of her characters – DJ Krem, a music selector and promoter. Marija Balubdžić has been working individually, and as a part of various collectives since year 2000. Studies of classical music, public rehearsals, international choir concerts and tours, music for theatre, home production and vocal workshops have sometimes been left to oblivion, or occasionally recorded, both as official and unofficial releases. The whole recording is her own music & voice, no tracklist.

Aired on 2021-05-26

Cranky Bow: Welcome To My Crib

🎧 Today on our Cashmere Radio show, the one and only Gábor Kovács aka Új Bála aka Cranky Bow with his amazing Welcome To My Crib mix full of samples and unreleased bits

Aired on 2021-03-31

#34 with Amek x Vaagner

Let’s immerse ourselves in a collaborative mix by Sofia-based label Amek and Berlin-based imprint Vaagner. This will be a continuation of their cooperation as part of the Easterndaze x Berlin project, where they are participating with a split tape and zine. “An Embrace” is a mutual undertaking which aims to create a bridge between two communities from different cultural environments in Eastern and Western Europe, by pairing artists from the respective regions into four duos. The collaborative process took place largely online, due to the ongoing pandemic, over zoom calls, emails, etc. The final results were compiled and presented as a joint release of Amek and Vaagner, comprising both a limited edition cassette tape, and an accompanying zine – formats that have been the key element of DIY labels and initiatives for many decades.

Aired on 2021-03-17

#33 with Klammklang

Klammklang (est. 2013) is a Siberian-raised, Moscow-based label and collective turning margins into junctions by bringing together artists whose practice inhabits the peripheries of the musical. The mix features a selection of tracks from KK artists and friends and some sounds related to their everyday practice, including voice messages and other sonic artifacts of the mundane. This mix was put together by Stas Sharifulin.

Aired on 2021-02-01

#32 Szűzmario’s metal mix

Aired on 2021-01-13

#31 Szara Reneta label special

Aired on 2020-11-25

Avant Art festival report part 1

The 2020 Edition of Avant Art Festival took place in late September, amid the COVID-19 pandemic this year’s edition featured exclusively Polish artists. I met with artists of both the classically and intuitively trained varieties. Through a variety of experimentation, improvisation and delicate curation they explored what music meant in 2020 and we discussed how a festival as such could continue to preserve collective foundations in Poland’s Art Industry while advancing forward in the face of shifting paradigms of division and uncertainty. By Hayden Potter Mixed by Lucia Udvardyova Cover art by Nikita Krzyżanowska Playlist BNNT – Filth and Mud BNNT – Middle West [Through The Grave] BNNT – Imagine you are falling but there is no ground BNNT – Through The Grave Julek ploski premium – ja afta Julek ploski premium – ja tata Julek ploski premium - ja wszystko Maciej Maciągowski – TITLED Maciej Maciągowski - NITRYLEX CLASSIC SWAG Julek ploski premium – ja osoba ktorej nie lubiei Julek ploski premium – ja czlowiek Julek ploski premium – ja mama Julek ploski premium – My Music Maciej Maciągowski - ARPENDIX87