‘where are you going with those matches, dôdô?’

dôdô is a pyromaniac child.
dôdô does not play well with others.
dôdô is working at playing better with others.

this is a sporadic radio programme from artist george finlay ramsay & pals.
george is a volcano lover, who makes pomes, per(v)formances, pics, filums & much less.

expect to hear dissonance, words spoken aloud, slurping sounds & music of the spheres.


Thursday at 8pm

Archive: Best of God | Coming Up For Air w/ Bianca Scout | STEN REEP – GIVE UP

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Aired on 2020-12-03

Anecdotes from The Abyss

A radio broadcast from the deep. A past and future life regression. A big night out in the damp patch at the back of the house. Starring oosdax the bone eating worm, a bisected Damien Hirst & a packet of Skips. Artists and back pain sufferers George Finlay Ramsay and James Stephen Wright invite you to get wrong, right now. (even if there is no now)