every month
a new organism
blends together
an aggregate
rude & dôdô
petch & dôdô
james & dôdô

this is a radio show made by dôdô with dôdô’s pals
 talking lobster immortality with James Stephen Wright
 recording Gaelic Psalms singing on the Isle of Lewis with Neilson MacKay & Douglas MacGregor
vocal collage with Petra Casale
 contrapuntal bubble gum of Sissy Fuss (Rudi Zygadlo)

& §voice of god§ with Biu Rainey ~ an attempt to answer big dumb questions by listening to cracks in the earth and the leathery sections. thru a glass darkly (then boyz2men) the answer comes, as can be expected from a semi extinct deity.


Thursday at 8pm

Archive: Best of God | Coming Up For Air w/ Bianca Scout