RNR666 radioshow

RNR666 radioshow

The RNR666 is a Budapest based international musical community. We are doing a rock’n’roll lifestyle magazine, radioshows, gigs, record label & T-Shirts.

The Story Of RNR666

The RNR666 was born on May 14, 2005, thanks to three young men from rural eastern Hungary, who have been living in Budapest for quite some time. Szabo was chief editor of the legendary early 90s fanzine from Nyíregyháza entitled Búvárok Reménykednek (loosely translated as Hopeful Scuba divers), and owing to his sense of humour and honesty, his fanzine stood out from the lot (his was the only fanzine at the time which provoked a case to be brought before the courts), he made a comeback, however in the mid-90s with the brilliant publication: IBMCsühes Pali, the most renowned member of the Yluhász Ylácint BT industrial band, as well as a member of the Neue Debrecenische Kunst collective from Debrecen; and Lavor who was one of the founding members of the 1000% Club street art group. In 2014, Zsófi has joined the team. She makes music as Piresian Beach.

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Show: every Saturday at 6-8pm

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Aired on 2021-03-06


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Aired on 2020-12-05

Tropical Show

Tropical Show

Aired on 2020-10-31

Teenage Years

Teenage Years

Aired on 2020-09-26

This Film Should Not Exist

Az RNR666 Rádióshow ehavi adása a This Film Should Not Exist c. dokumentumfilmnek van szentelve, mely hamarosan bemutatásra kerül az RNR666 Filmszínházban: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/this-film-should-not-exist#/