Radio Bluszcze (via Radio Kapitał)

Radio Bluszcze (Radio ivy) is a very cold wave on tropical islands. It all rustles and blurs. Tapes and cables just like ivy wrap strange tunnels of the subconscious. Sometimes it will be warmer and lazy, and other times something pulsates under thin ice.

Live mixed by Patryk Daszkiewicz (aka DMNSZ) mostly from new and old cassettes. And on them sometimes you find something completely strange and new, sometimes something older that you remember well from your childhood what your buddy’s older sister played, and sometimes those things that did not let you sleep at night when you were in high school. Or maybe someone recorded a song there for you.

Radio Bluszcze is presented via cooperation with Radio Kapitał (PL).

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Show: every Wednesday 23:00–00:00

„PL>>>HU” (2019-11-27)
„HU>>>PL” (2019-12-11)
Hangover (2020-01-08)
Pitu pitu (2020-01-22)
808 problems (2020-02-05)

Patryk Daszkiewicz ‘s stay in Budapest with the BARTR residency is supported by STEP Travel, a project by the European Cultural Foundation.

Arcsived shows for Radio Bluszcze (via Radio Kapitał)

Aired on 2021-08-04

holiday postcard

It's warm, you go around the world here and there, talk to people, sometimes you buy a record, sometimes you go to a concert, sometimes it's sad, and other times it's happy and then again ... it's warm, it's raining a bit, you go here and there ... a postcard from a holiday trip is what is caught, talked over, dug up in a discount box, overheard ... Lena Platonos, Wolfram, Divorce, Deadboy, Cranky Bow, Lutto Lento, Ron Morelli, Voo Voo, Fyre, Stefan Dubs, Loufr, Ak'chamel, The Giver Of Illness ...

Aired on 2021-07-07


Gorzów Wielkopolski (German: Landsberg an der Warthe) - a city in western Poland. The capital of the Lubuskie Voivodeship (together with Zielona Góra!). Population: 123,341. Western lands reattached to Poland after the Second World War. Apart from that, stillon cassettes, speedway and the eternal war for trams with Zielona Góra… and a roll with mushrooms. Suspended between yesterday and the day after tomorrow… Another DYM Festival will take place on 21-25 / 07 in Gorzów.
 Let this be an excuse for a trip through the meanders of the Warta river in which famous the Gorzów spleen is sunk.

Aired on 2021-05-12

ep 20: git gity (from polish - meaning +/- "cool guitars") Vol. II

starring: Bill Orcutt, Senyawa, BNNT, Sun O))), Sun Araw, Radian, Tashi Dorji, Doskocz/Kurek, Rychlicki/Kostkiewicz, Circuit des Yeux

Aired on 2021-04-14

git gity (from polish - meaning +/- "cool guitars")

>> key-words: guitars, guitar-like products, string strings, shoelaces, tugging, spitting, serration, fingering, dicing, sweeping, pulling, scrubbing, distrorting and disturbing ...

Aired on 2021-02-17

ep18: Grrrls don't cry

Girls don't cry ... don't wait ... girls don't dance ... girls fight! Starring: Jenny H., Kathleen H., Mica L., Kim G., Camae A., Inga C., Patti S.,Ursula R. Polly Jean H. and... Palmolive.

Aired on 2021-01-20

Z0 z0 (((

super-subjective postcard from the zo-zo year. some new ,some new-found. this is humming in your twenty-twentieth year. #sadboy #sadgirl

Aired on 2020-12-23

These last few days are among the happiest I've ever ignored vol.2

Bittersweet songs for sour times

Aired on 2020-11-25

These last few days are among the happiest I've ever ignored

New Bluszcze... with songs

Aired on 2020-10-28

Staggering over shaky ground

These are war dances! #oldschool #bass #beats #words #noises #wkurw #allien

Aired on 2020-09-30