Lazy Calm Raga

Lazy Calm Raga (LCR) is the brainchild of two friends, who’re spending most of their freetime digging for unconventional sounds in the interweb labyrinth. Trying to keep both their mixes and DJ sets free from bpm & genre matches, they put the emphasis to create certain moods and atmospheres.

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Show: every Thursday at 5-7pm

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Aired on 2021-11-25

Scorpio Under Soil

Elkészültünk a kövi adással, ami ha minden igaz a 34. adásunk és Editnek épp most volt a 34. szülinapja 🌻 úgyhogy a scorpio season jegyében kalapáltuk össze a tracklistet ~~~

Aired on 2021-10-28

LCR @ Lahmacun Radio /// When no one is around you remind yourself that death is inevitable /// [28.10.21.]

[A] mostani tematikáink nagyjából a halottak napja / temetőzés, illetve az ősz, benyugvás, bedepózás, bekuckózás. Éppen ezért ez a mix most fullosan nyugis, némi folkos, rockos, jazzes, r&b-s kitekintéssel.

Aired on 2021-10-14

LCR INVITES - shoeblade

A következő vendégmixerünk shoeblade lesz, egy "feltörekvő tehetség" (aka 1 magyar kortárs) a budapesti éjszakából. egy szuper high energy mixet rakott össze nekünk sok jungle-lel meg mindenféle breakes zenékkel.

Aired on 2021-09-23

Bad Breaking :( /// [23.09.21.]

Hát talán annyi hogy most mégtöbb dub van benne mint valaha, meg az én begipszelt becipőzött lábam az ehavi inspó :D

Aired on 2021-08-05

LCR INVITES /// Mo Chan /// [05.08.21]

Mo Chan, sometimes DJ Kohlrabi, coming from visual art, cruising between fun and depression, construction and ruination, following her instinct for down-to-earthness. In her weekly radio show "Notiz für die Welt danach" on Sphere Radio, she reads texts on anti-racism, housing and art. As an active member of the protest opera Lauratibor, she sings loudly at demonstrations against the sellout of the city. She also organizes events in real and digital spaces for the international network female:pressure.

Aired on 2021-07-22

Blue Lollies & Dishwasher Salmon

Aired on 2021-07-08

LCR & FRIENDS ~ Endless Summer Jam (Part 2) /// @ Lahmacun Radio /// [08.07.21]

jammelésünk 2. része

Aired on 2021-06-24

LCR & FRIENDS ~ Endless Summer Jam (Part 1)

Stúdiós imprózgatás vendégeinkkel: Gilbert Pomelo, Juhász Tamás, The Stanley Maneuver

Aired on 2021-06-10

LCR INVITES /// Dialect /// [10.06.21]

Andrew PM Hunt is a musician and artist from Liverpool, UK active as a collaborator and performer in a number of projects and working as a solo artist under the name Dialect. His latest solo album 'Under~Between' came out on RVNG Intl in March.

Aired on 2021-05-27

LCR @ Lahmacun Radio /// Cheeky Blinders /// [27.05.21.]

Aired on 2021-05-06

INVITES /// xxsd & Dj Mature /// [06.05.21]

This guest episode is 2 exciting hours of our friends, the Berlin based Trust Issues affiliated xxsd and Dj Mature. The first hour is on the more chilled spectrum and coming from xxsd, titled as “be your own best companion app (gratefulness mix).mp3”. Here are some words about it: “be your own best companion app (gratefulness mix).mp3” is first and foremost what the title indicates: an expression of being thankful, while struggling to meet the demands that this prolonged situation poses. Like most of the work I do, it is dedicated to everyone who helps me exist. If “trust issues”, a project I co-initiated some years ago, for me has always been about exploring different notions of community in a club environment, my work under the “xxsd” moniker is zooming into what remains, now that clubs have been deconstructed proper, and maybe for good. This is meant to be more of a compositional experiment than a “mix” (or what’s the difference?) in the way I arranged and altered the sounds, tracks and pieces in there over the course of several months since late summer 2020. It’s not about digging or including the freshest tunes. It’s not about transitions or the craft of DJing. Rather I included music that helps me oscillate between solace and despair. Music I would listen to on repeat on my headphones at full volume, walking alone at night or lying down on my carpet at home. Lyrics that have since become mantras. Music I admire, some of which I got recommended ages ago, when I first started going to record shops. Music I wish never ended. Music that is not afraid of making more and more demands. Music of friends. Music I feel close to. Music I hope will get us closer; please get in touch if it did. “be your own best companion app (dj tools and meditations)” a compilation of my own material, some of which is featured in this mix will be released end of June 2021 via The second, more dancey hour is coming from "the agitated Montreal poet Joni Jacusto aka DJ Mature, who ages like alcohol, relentlessly evaporating into sounds, ahoy! While poetry crosses unfamiliar territories, grateful to be there, thoughts lead to music. Dancing, we think..." 👏 All 👏 Life 👏 is 👏 rhythmic 👏

Aired on 2021-04-22

Fool's Blouse [22.04.21.]

Áprilisi dalcsokor sok nagyon friss számmal, zimi zümi hangokkal és dnbs beütésekkel.

Aired on 2021-04-08

LCR INVITES /// Raf Reza /// [08.04.21.]

máris érkezik a következő vendégmixünk, egy király torontói dj-től, Raf Rezától. Zenét is csinál a saját nevén és Radiant Aura Faculty néven, illetve Research & Development-ként duóban - van neki is egy fasza rádióműsora a glasgow-i Clyde Built Radio-n (elég hasonló kis rádió a lahmához). Egy órás lesz amugy a mix, és elég sokféle műfajban ugrál ilyen ambient / downtempos cuccoktól kezdve fura kiabálós funky számon át musique concrete-ig minden van.

Aired on 2021-03-25

Bad Cursed Honeysuckle

erkezik a marciusi viragzo mix! veletlenül beleesett nehany mocskos dubstep is :D szoval fogadjatok szeretettel a mi mocskos viragainkat 🌾

Aired on 2021-03-11

LCR INVITES — Dj Köd & Mystic Voip — Zene, ami feltölt, fejleszt és csillezésre motivál

Aired on 2021-02-25

LCR @ Lahmacun Radio /// Inhale, Excel /// [25.02.21.]

we are all innocells

Aired on 2021-02-11

LCR Invites Maiú DJ

Our next guest-selector is the mighty-meow Maiú DJ, a Scottish and Berlin-based dj, selector and label boss (hello Temporize Records!).

Aired on 2021-01-28

LCR Invites /// The Stanley Maneuver

Aired on 2021-01-14

LCR Invites Stratosphere Blues (Mondoj) @Lahmacun Radio [14.01.2021]

Stratosphere Blues is a monthly show presented on Radio Kapitał by Mondoj, a record label from Warsaw. The show focuses on a variety of sound recordings often selected based on totally irrelevant criteria - from weirdo ambient, through mutant pop songs, to yawning dance music.

Aired on 2020-12-24

voices from humans (vagy vooces from hoomans)

Aired on 2020-12-17

LCR INVITES /// 67memoriesofu ~ Space 4 Sadness mix

Végre van új vendégünk! Kedves berlinben élő olasz barátunk Andrea, aki Edittel és Tamással (Edit csávójával) együtt szervezi a Seaweed Sonntags néven futó ambient bulikat és a Trust Issues nevű, szintén buliszervező kollektíva tagja. Itt volt a legendás Szabihidas bulinkon is! Egy nagyon szép & melankólikus ambient mixszel dobott meg minket.

Aired on 2020-11-19

everlasting chains

everlasting chains

Aired on 2020-10-22

LCR @ Lahmacun Radio /// Bitter Smoothie /// [22.10.20]

Aired on 2020-09-24

Casual Telepathy

Casual Telepathy is the purported vicarious transmission of weird club and dub, spokenword and footwork, AI pop and slowed down song of the veery thrush; from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.