Dead Hound Radio

Dead Hound Radio

A monthly show curated by Ollie Turbitt, who runs Dead Hound Records (an experimental DIY tape label) in Edinburgh. Dead Hound Radio aims to showcase the international influences behind the label’s releases, while promoting artists from the Scottish underground. Expect a blend of vinyl, tape and digital, playing dark electronics, techno, ambient, field recordings, drone and everything in-between!

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Show: Every Friday at 17:00–18:00

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Aired on 2021-06-11

Sonia Killman Guest Mix

This month, Glasgow-based sound designer, composer and researcher Sonia Killmann offers a mesmerising guest mix for Dead Hound. Dense layers of ambient drone melt into experimental pop-inflected beats as our guest cycles flawlessly through a truly unique selection of tracks. With Aidan Lochrin, Sonia is one half of Failed System Test, an experimental glitch/ambient duo who released their EP {unshift} on Dead Hound Records in March 2021.

Aired on 2021-05-07

Familiar Faces

his month, Dead Hound's show highlights recent releases on our own label, as well as tracks from friends, collaborators and fellow labels from across Scotland. Tune in for a mix of ambient, free improv, electronica and more, featuring the likes of Alex Palmer, Berlin Anatomy, Failed System Test and paweł doskocz/wojtek kurek.

Aired on 2021-03-12

Episode 16 - Whole Foods Kids Guest Mix

This month, Dead Hound Radio features another guest mix, this time curated by Rob Bazaral of transatlantic dance-punk outfit Whole Foods Kids. In Rob's own words, the episode is 'a mix of stuff that we listened to a lot before recording, stuff that first taught us how to play and original influences, stuff that was more an influence on early stuff we did and things I aim for a bit in the future.' WFK's David Lynch-inspired EP Sometimes My Arms Bend Back was released via Dead Hound last November.

Aired on 2021-02-12

Black Jazz Records Special

This month's Dead Hound show presents something a bit different: a tribute to one of the greatest underground labels of the 20th Century: Black Jazz Records. Founded in 1969 by Gene Russell Dick Schory, Black Jazz pioneered a distinct sound and aesthetic that would go on to influence countless developments in spiritual jazz, funk, soul and beyond. Although Dead Hound isn't jazz-focused (as it stands!) Black Jazz has been a huge influence on our output in many ways. So, seek refuge from our usual noise with some otherworldly tones from The Awakening, Walter Bishop Jr., Rudolph Johnson and more...

Aired on 2021-01-08

14 - Eternal Villainy (MF DOOM Special)

The show's title is "Eternal Villainy (MF DOOM Special)" and as the title suggests it's a tribute to the rapper who passed away last year. Here's some info: "Dead Hound's first show of 2021 pays tribute to the legendary MF DOOM, whose tragic death was announced on December 31st. Despite the label not necessarily issuing a lot of hip-hop music, DOOM's work, aesthetic and productiveness have been extremely inspirational to us over the years. The show features some of the rapper's greatest verses, features and beats, from Madvillain to DANGERDOOM. RIP to truly one of the greatest there ever was."

Aired on 2020-12-04

Final show of 2020

Dead Hound Radio's final show of 2020 is a retrospective of the past year in experimental music, and it includes a number of tracks from artists & labels who have continued to inspire the label's output. From Anna Von Hauswolff to Új Bála, and featuring tracks from labels like Czaszka Rec. and Posh Isolation, this mix travels from harsh noise to ambient and displays the eclectic experimental soundscape that Dead Hound aims to pursue.

Aired on 2020-11-06

Austin Barnes Guest Mix

This week, the Dead Hound broadcast is commandeered by another Edinburgh underground stalwart: Austin Barnes A.K.A. Berlin Anatomy, Piss Smoke & Narco State Machine. Austin has been active on the Edinburgh circuit for around a year now, with a plethora of releases on Dead Hound displaying his increasingly diverse brand of loose-centred noise-pop. In his guest mix, Austin highlights some of the main influences on his sound (from Archy Marshall to Strawberry Switchblade) alongside a number of his own tracks, including a never-before-heard Beach Boys noise remix (yeah, really)

Aired on 2020-10-09