Lying & Stealing in Eastern Europe

A talk-show currently hosted by the artists & curators behind Alterum (~ the other; alteration), a network between four artist-run galleries from Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Through a series of community discussions, interviews, readings and music L&S explores the diy & underground cultural scenes and their different contexts in our wicked region and beyond.

L&S is run by:

  • Ráhel Anna Molnár & Zsófia Kókai & Nóra Teplán {Műtő, Budapest}
  • Iva Kuzmanović & Darko Vukić {U10, Belgrade}
  • František Fekete & Tereza Záchová {35M2, Prague}
  • Ivana Rusnakova & Nikolas Bernath {VUNU, Kosice}

Air time: Wednesday 14h – 15h

Archive: Link