Love of Things

Fragments of a Non-Existent LoT Manifesto

Love of Things’ first manifestation is an embodiment of His/Her/Its Goals:

The Love of Things (LoT) is a communion paradigm. LoT utterly transcends the satanic realm of virtuality and pseudocommunication, but not by ignorance, but by an embracing, transcending power. It is neither for nor against the Internet of Things – it moves upon the face of technology, as the Spirit moved upon the waters – and there was Creation. And there was Person (not a persona). And there was Ecclesia. And there was Communion. Communion over Communication.

LoT is streaming the Absolute. LoT is building the house of wisdom, here and now.

LoT is the wish that not only radio waves, but also birds will soar once again. The nest where our Stork (‘Gólya’ in Hungarian) dwells needs your help now.

If you can, help Gólya and the Kazán community:

Read more info on this stream in the Facebook event.