Arcsived shows for Learning Audio Classification with Torso

Aired on 2021-11-06

Torso a Kriptában - Prince Matt

Aired on 2021-10-30

Torso a Kriptában - quasi quasi

Aired on 2021-10-23

Live From Studio: Békemenet after

Utána közös vonulás a legendásnak ígérkező elkxrtuk valamelyik ingyenes vetítésére. A Torso 3 tagjával pepsi, jesus & dj fiu élőben a stúdióból.

Aired on 2021-10-09

Torso a Kriptában - Switch Nollie

Switch Nollie borulás a kriptás bulink következő felvételeként. Megmagyarazhatatlan sample-ök keverések és tempováltások. Akinek nem inge ne vegye magára, akinek viszont igen kattintson a rádióra. Futurists, football geeks and bass lovers unite!

Aired on 2021-10-02

SSS: Gena General

A nyáron kiégettek táborához csatlakozik a pavilonos Gena General! Kedves, lelkes, angilali barátunk importál most nektek vámmentesen egy kis UK muzikot. Kicsi house, brékek, sima és szpídgaridzs plusz jó minőségű dubstep várható.

Aired on 2021-09-25

Torso a Kriptában - DJ Tűz

Háromdekkes alapozó bass és perkussziós gyakorlat normál nehézségen DJ Tűzzel

Aired on 2021-08-21

SSS: Pizza Amore

Első kora hajnali felvétel egyenesen a nógrád megyei Bánk Kereplőjéből, remélhetőleg lesz még több is, nagy buli volt!

Aired on 2021-07-10

DJ Suhaid

We are really proud that the 11th episode is made by Suhaid, a DJ who has bought so many records that half of them are too many. A few years ago he even had to open a record shop (Kalóz Records, one of the best in the town) to store his treasured gems. We were barely born when he started the diggin', we can't even list the places he's been to and the names he's been played with, but we do know that his club nights at Lärm with Crimson were a trustworthy compass for music lover Budapest people ツ

Aired on 2021-05-08


Our next guest luxxuryproblems is a hidden gem when it comes to Germany's underground music, releasing on one of the most exciting label SPA Recordings, run by Phillip Jondo, DJ Brom and Friday Dunard. Debuting on SPA001 - safe needing attention - VA and later releasing - Inhale, Aerosol, Recovery (Non Sequitur)- that ranges sounds from atomic clock like rhythms to heavy drones. His sonic perspective is a new, exciting, reflecting one that we can only recommend to visit regularly. enjoi

Aired on 2021-02-27

S Olbricht

Our next guest is a key figure in the Hungarian contemporary electronic dance music scene. Proud member of the Farbwechsel founding fathers, besides his main profile he has a happy hardcore and a house moniker and you can find his works in duos as Silf and Ste Pwri Tmod. He released music on labels like Opal Tapes, Lobster Theremin, Gang of Ducks and Lee Gamble's UIQ. We recorded this one and half hour extract during a well deserved friday night guzzle at our lovely Lahmacun studio. Get ready for some crunchy breaks, dubby & UK sounds and a little bit of dnb ツ

Aired on 2021-01-16

Formant Value

Up next, we have a musician aiming on otherworldly feels & soundscapes through the tools of techno and ambient music: Formant Value. Having releases on labels like Annulled, Delirio & Well Street Records constantly growing his reputation in the world of deep, minimalistic, broken beat techno scene. In this 52 minutes we got an all round home listening experience with slowed down jams, dubbed out atmospheres and some sticky rhythms, enjoy ツ

Aired on 2021-01-09

Live from Rumbi: How to wake DJ Kard up

special home office session #2

Aired on 2020-12-12


The next mix is coming from a good friend of ours AIWA. As a member of NIGHTDRIVE, CRISIS & Farbwechsel crews he is producing fresh sounds & injects it into the city's nightlife. His tracks are released on labels like 8ounce, EXILES, Seagrave & Banlieue. In a collaboration with MA'AM called MA'IWA they are part of the SHAPE platform's alumni in 2020. This one hour mix represents his own niche in today's electronic music universe, demonstrating a unique synergy between these tracks, shifting through styles and patterns until we get a enchanting effect as a result ツ

Aired on 2020-11-14

Dasha Mamba

This is the 6th mix and it is a special one. Our crew member, Bálint heard Dasha Mamba play while he visited Kyiv so we’ve decided to invite her to our mix series. She is involved in Mutabor, the spiritual successor of well-known russian clubs, Rabitza and Arma. This 1 hour represents her taste quite accurately going over the boundaries of genres forming one mutant unity of the styles. We highly recommend checking all of her mixes if you need to exit your sonical comfort zone ツ

Aired on 2020-10-24

Audio Classification Course 901

Figyelem, basszusnehéz kortárs tánc zenék a homelistening és club zene mezsgyéjén, talán a teljes csapattal!

Aired on 2020-08-22

Full Legál Lájtos Torso at Lärm #3

Third part of the recording from our latest post-apocalyptic party at Budapest's blessed & black box, Lärm. 2 and a half hrs of shameless transitions and totally pointless choices ranging between black & white holes presented by DJ Tűz & llippi

Aired on 2020-08-15

Full Legál Lájtos Torso at Lärm #2

Second part of the recording from our latest post-apocalyptic party at Budapest's blessed & black box, Lärm. Nearly 2 and a half hrs of psychedelic, breaky and trancey bangers presented by Switch Nollie & Prince Matt

Aired on 2020-08-08

Full Legál Lájtos Torso at Lärm #1

First split of the recording from our latest post-apocalyptic party at Budapest's blessed & black box, Lärm. Bit more than 2 hrs of massive and hypnotic tunes presented by llippi & Switch Nollie

Aired on 2020-06-06

Trianon100 Special Edition

RIP in Peace

Aired on 2020-05-09


The number is odd so our guest gonna be a local, but not a regular one. Hargi is that kind of music enthusiast who doesn’t really want to play for big crowds and peak times, she is more into the strange sounds and intimate vibes. For those who don’t know her, she is part of our city’s resolute and tireless night club, Lärm from the beginning, doing most of the graphics and design, suggesting lots of unheard selectors. In this one and half hour mix you can listen the top of the numberless bandcamp releases and some really good digs from the past ツ

Aired on 2020-03-28

Credit 00

Comin' up with the big gangsta, CREDIT 00 for the next episode of our monthly radio show / podcast series on Budapest based Lahmacun Radio. We're pretty sure that we don't have to introduce him, but if you're not really into it, here are some info. He is based in Leipzig, running Rat Life Records, has releases on labels like Uncanny Valley, Bordello A Parigi, Pinkman or Mechatronica and doing a radio show on LYL Radio. In this 2 hour extract from the early morning hours of our last party with him and Simo Cell expect some crunchy breaks, nice electro and some wave beauties ツ

Aired on 2020-01-11

Galactic Jackson

Our third guest is a hungarian fella again, this time Galactic Jackson is coming to present some dope records from his bag (vinyl only ツ ). You may know him from various sources: he has one of the biggest collection of synths, drum machines and all kind of gear in the city, many of the hungarian talents started their career at his flat in Újpest, he is running the well-known youtube channel ballacid, uploading always the freshest tracks and besides that he’s djing for long years ago with two of his good friends they make up the hungarian trio called Wedding Acid Group !

Aired on 2019-12-21

DJ Normal 4

For the second episode of our monthly radio show / podcast series on Lahmacun Radio we invited DJ Normal 4. He was the sixth Torso guest from abroad, but definitely the one who incorporates nearly everything what we could expect from them. Producing diverse tunes from badass, rave anthems to breaky, sub aquatic, chilly tracks, djing without boundaries for 10+ yrs and throwing safe & well curated parties with his pals ツ

Aired on 2019-12-07

DJ Crimson

In the first episode of our monthly radio show / podcast series on Lahmacun Radio, one of the best Hungarian DJs, Crimson invites us to a futuristic, tribal trip. He gained a lot of experience playing both at the darkest holes and most illustrious places in the last two decades. Together with DJ Suhaid they are responsible for Férfimunka, Szép Booking and ACSÚR parties, Budapest’s unquestionably finest curated nights. Get ready for a journey packed full with playful rhythms, strict slowburners and unexpected surprises ツ