Wikihow Adventure Cruise

Wikihow Adventure Cruise is a companion piece to my solo musical project of the same name. The show will act like a scrapbook of the musical influences which have informed my debut EP Low Power Mode.

I’ve always loved music that conjures feelings of nostalgia – not the direct kind that fixates on something specific from the past, but the wistful longing that can be evoked even by music you’ve never heard before. The show chases this feeling and the themes of nature, memes and digitised melancholy that dominate the EP and its accompanying imagery. Expect avant-garde alt-rock, ambient micro-highways, iridescent vapor trails, grime, clout rap, bugged-out edge cases and psychedelic post-club bangers.

Lower Power Mode will be released on March 29th, at the moment the United Kingdom exits the European Union.

Show: every Wednesday at 6-7pm

Archive: Mixcloud